Product Description
Probio-Fix™ offers a unique blend of pre- and probiotic organisms designed to support the healthy functioning of the lower GI tract and urinary tract. The prebiotics in this product consist of bacteriophages, which are benign organisms that consume bacteria.   Probio-Fix™ is a dairy-free formula that allows for the population of healthy amounts of beneficial bacteria in the lower GI tract, which helps support healthy digestion and immune function. Unlike conventional prebiotics, which are typically non-digestible fibers, the bacteriophages in Probio-Fix™ do not produce the negative side effects of gas and bloating. Additionally, bacteriophages are effective in both the small and large intestines, while the efficacy of conventional prebiotics is usually localized to the large intestine. Including bacteriophages with probiotics helps ensure the survivability of the probiotics through the digestive process, so that they reach the lower GI tract intact. 

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