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Fibro-Fix 21-Day Detox Box
Fibro-Fix 21-Day Detox Box™ is an all-in-one comprehensive program designed to support and promote safe and effective detoxification. The kit provides the quality protein critically-necessary to the detoxification process in the form of 18 grams easy-to-digest non-GMO pea protein per serving, along with a comprehensive combination of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, fruit and vegetable extracts and herbs that support the overall metabolic detoxification process and balance phase I and II detoxification pathways and to promote healthy liver function and elimination.* Everything is consolidated into packets to make the program easy to follow and to ensure that individuals on the program do not miss any necessary nutrients. 

Fibro-Fix 21-Day Detox Box

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21 Day Detox Box

Fibro-Fix 21-Day Detox Box™


Physician-designed shakes and supplements to support and increase metabolic detoxification Great tasting individually-packaged shakes are packed with 18grams of quality protein and accessory nutrients critically-necessary for the detoxification process Easy-to-digest non-GMO organic pea protein, and a comprehensive combination of nutrients, ant...

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