Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q:  Where do I order the book?

A:  Please click on the “Book” tab or go to: https://fibrofix.com/pages/the-book. Click on the logo of the online book retailer of your choice, purchase the book, and then return to the book landing page and enter your receipt number to validate your purchase to receive a bonus video from Dr. Brady. 

Q: Is the book available outside of the US?

A: The book is at this time only a US release. However, you may be able to order it on Amazon and have it shipped to you internationally.

Q:  Does Dr. Brady answer specific medical questions about my case or situation?

A: Unfortunately, that is not appropriate or possible. However, Dr. Brady does accept new patient through his clinical practice, Whole Body Medicine, in Fairfield, CT. For more information please visit: http://drdavidbrady.com/pages/private-practice

Q:  Does Dr. Brady consult with people exclusively via email or telephone?

A: Dr. Brady does facilitate video-consultations but will be restricted to the appropriate limitations of this type of encounter regarding the type of diagnostic and therapeutic advice and services he can offer. His preferred method of patient interaction for those not residing near him is to follow-up with them via video or tele-consultation after they have seen him in-person for the initial visit at Whole Body Medicine, in Fairfield, CT. For more information please visit: http://drdavidbrady.com/pages/private-practice

Q:  How long will it take to get my Fibro Fix supplement order?

A: Normal shipping times include a 3 day preparation to ship with the fulfillment center and generally 2-4 days shipping to a domestic address so please allow 5-7 business days total. You will be emailed shipping tracking information as soon as it leaves the fulfillment center as well.

Q:  What is the return policy of Fibro-Fix products?

A:  We have a 30 day money back guarantee (Customer is responsible for the shipping fees back to us).  Please request a return at info@fibrofix.com and receive authorization and then mail your returns back to in the original box to:

Formulated Nutriceuticals, LLC
6 Commerce Blvd.
Palm Coast, FL 32164
Att: Fibro-Fix Customer Returns

Q: Are Fibro Fix supplements available outside the United States?

A: Unfortunately, due to different regulatory laws regarding nutritional supplements from country to country, and the possibility of packages containing supplements being stopped in customs, we only ship products to US addresses at this time.

 Canadian customers: The Fibro Fix products are not available in Canada but please contact Sandy at Designs for Health (DFH) at 800-847-8302, ext. 2043. DFH carries some equivalent products to the ones that Dr. Brady mentions in his book and recommends to patients in the US. Sandy will attempt to direct you to a Specialized Natural Health Products retailer in your area that carries the DFH equivalent to the product that you are interested in.

 UK and EU country customers can contact InvivoClinical at phone: +44 (0)3332412997 or https://www.invivoclinical.co.uk/ for information on obtaining analogous products products by Designs for Health, Inc., the manufacturer of FF products. Please mention The Fibro Fix and Dr. Brady and InvivoClinical Customer Support can guide you on product conversions.

Q: Where can I find information on Dr. Brady’s 21-Day Foundational Detox Program?

A: Instructions can be found here by clicking 21-Day Detox Guide tab or go to: http://www.fibrofix.com/pages/21-day-detox

Q:  I’m taking currently taking medications and supplements right now.  I want to try the Fibro-Fix Foundational Detox program.  Should I stop my medication and supplements?

A:  Please consult with your physician or health care provider regarding any possible interactions with your medications. The Fibro Fix Foundational Detoxification program can be combined with other supplements there are no specific known contraindications with medications in general.

Q:  I’m taking currently taking medications and I want to try other Fibro-Fix program supplements.  Is this safe?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot advise you on matters related specifically to your prescription medications. We can say that many people do follow the suggestions in the book in combination with medications typically used in patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but we always advise you to discuss this with your prescribing physician before starting anything in combination with your prescription medical therapy.

Q:  I started the Fibro-Fix Detox Box and I’m feeling gassy and bloated.  Is this normal?

A: Most people are able to tolerate the detox program very well without any intestinal discomfort. However, occasionally there are some that have extra sensitive body systems and need time to adjust to any new significant intake of a protein source. People who are sensitive can experience some intestinal gas (perhaps some gas pains), minor bloating and distension, and sometimes looser stools. This is particularly true for those with problems eating beans and legumes. The program utilizes a vegetable source of protein (organic green and yellow pea), as opposed to whey (which is dairy-based). These symptoms often subside after several days and the capsule packed contains a protein hydrolyzing enzyme to help in the process of digesting the additional protein load as well. However, if you experience intestinal distress or stomach pains that are significant and persistent, then please stop the shakes and contact us

Q:  I started the Fibro-Fix Detox Box and I’m feeling some minor headache and fatigue.  Is this normal?

A: Some people that have a significant build-up of toxins can feel some symptoms, such as headache, fatigue, and generally not feeling well, as these toxins begin to mobilize and leave the body.  Often these symptoms begin to fade as you continue the program and your body adjusts and eliminates the toxins.  However, if you experience these symptoms and they become significant and/or persistent, then please stop the shakes and contact us.

Q:  Is the Fibro-Fix Detox Box organic and non-GMO?

A: The protein source in the detoxification shake is organic and non-GMO North American green pea.