Fibro Fix Summit 2017 Interviews

Dr. David Brady

"The Fibro-Fix Summit is full of information that can help you become your own best self-health advocate in finding a path way toward recovery from fibromyalgia, or conditions inappropriately diagnosed as fibromyalgia. By listening to all of the experts on this summit you will leave it knowing more than many, if not most, healthcare providers on the topic."

-Dr. David Brady

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The Fibro Fix Summit successfully reached tens of thousands of people, educating and providing resources about fibromyalgia, including why it is so commonly misdiagnosed, which treatment approaches work and which don't, and how you can become your own best advocate for your recovery.

In case you missed it (or want a refresher), we are offering some of our top speaker interviews absolutely FREE.

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  • Dr. Amy Meyers
  • Dr. Susan Blum
  • Michael Schneider
  • Dr. Kelly Brogan
  • Dr. Vincent Pedre
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