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Beating Brain Fog

Beating Brain Fog 0

We have all experienced the feeling at least once: you don’t get enough sleep and the next day you feel sluggish and can’t concentrate. But what happens when this becomes a chronic sensation? What is causing it and what can you do?

B12 – Brain Support for All Ages

B12 – Brain Support for All Ages 0

B12 contributes to the formation of myelin, which is a protective covering that surrounds neurons—nerve cells that originate in the brain and spinal cord, and which are responsible for healthy cognitive function and motor coordination.
Vitamin E & the Brain

Vitamin E & the Brain 0

When it comes to micronutrients, you can probably list at least one major function for most vitamins and minerals. For example:  calcium for bone health; iron for healthy blood; vitamin C for a strong immune system. But what about vitamin E? If you don’t know much about this under appreciated compound, keep reading.