Neural Signature for Fibromyalgia May Aid Diagnosis and Treatment

Neural Signature for Fibromyalgia May Aid Diagnosis and Treatment

In the link below you will find a press release regarding really interesting research and builds upon previous similar work and findings. It is wonderful to further illustrate again the fact that this condition is a central nervous system (CNS) issue, not a peripheral (muscle and other soft-tissue) one. However, I always wonder how accurately the researchers select who is in their fibromyalgia (FM) subject group and who is their control group, given the lacking diagnostic criteria and strong prevalence of misdiagnosis. Basically, in all of the research studies I read I continue to strongly question if researchers are really parsing out only classic FM subjects as being those having FM, or are they dragging in various pseudo-FM subjects (false FM diagnosis), finding interesting information, but on sub-sets of patients with various different disorders and not findings unique to actual classic FM? The number of people in this study is still pretty small also. 

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  • David Brady
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  • Raquel  Paviotti Corcuera
    Raquel Paviotti Corcuera

    Dear Dr. David Brady
    Referring to the research above< “the fact that this condition is a central nervous system (CNS) issue” This statement is highly convenient for the “Farm Industry”
    I agree with what you wrote in your excellent book “Fibro Fix”, but I disagree with the statement of this article. The mentioned statement would be rather a consequence of many year of a “continuous turn on of the alarm of the “fight or fly” system in detriment of the “rest and digest” system.
    As you know the alarm is turned on for every kind of stressor (air, food, water, virus, emotional (work or family), etc)
    Could you please, read the papers of Martinez-Lavin? There you will find details about the damage in small fiber and the genetic failure of an enzyme to reprocess the adrenalin in Fibro People.
    CV: Fibro more than 20 years, retiree, researcher in nuclear physics, PhD. I have read more than 40 books on Fibro in different languages and hundreds of papers

  • Peggy

    I have been diagnosed with Fibro many years ago, and somehow did not believe I had it, even though I experienced pain and many tender spots. I do believe mine stems from CNS, as I have severe degenerate disk problems with my back. I have not heard of any people that also have Restless Legs. Some nights I experience it for hours, other nights not at all and some nights only for a short time. I do feel there is a connection between the two. It would be interesting to hear if others have the same symptoms at the same time.

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